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Architectural and Urban Studies of Erbil Citadel

Dr Sarah Abdulkareem Salih

At the Department of Architecture, we have always strived to provide significant insight into the world's unique architectural and cultural heritage. As part of our lecture series at the Department of Architecture, we seek to highlight the role of heritage architecture and the conservation of heritage sites and buildings due to the significant role of heritage architecture in providing a sense of identity and continuity. Topics related to heritage architecture are vital tools for learning about world history and the culture of nations. Therefore, to learn more about one of the oldest habitable cities in the world, we invited Ms Lana Abu Baker Ali from Erbil City, Iraq, to give a talk about the fascinating heritage of Erbil Citadel, the oldest continuously habitable Citadel in the world. The interesting talk entitled "Architectural and Urban Studies of Erbil Citadel" was given as a part of our lecture series "Putra Design Lecture Series" on 18 January 2023 via Zoom Platform and FB Live. Dr Sarah Abdulkareem Salih from the Department of Architecture, UPM, coordinated the conversation.

Erbil Citadel is a fortified settlement on top of an imposing ovoid-shaped tell in the Kurdistan region, Erbil Governorate, Iraq. Dating back 5000 years ago, and gained particular importance during the different periods of role in the old Iraq. It was interesting to have an insight into the evolution and transformation of this unique heritage from the guest speaker Ms Lana Abu Baker Ali, a researcher and senior lecturer at the Architectural Department, College of Engineering, Salahaddin University-Erbil, Iraq. She is registered as a consultant architectural engineer with the Kurdistan Engineers Union in Erbil City, Iraq. She is also part of one of the professional committees responsible for the Erbil Citadel Conservation work that belongs to UNESCO. Her research interests cover several aspects of architectural design, including mosques typology and morphology, human perception, indoor architectural design, daylighting simulation, and space syntax.

Lana Abu Baker Ali highlighted the evolution and conservation process of the heritage site of Erbil Citadel. She also focused on the urban fabric and architectural elements of the Citadel. She ends her speech with a drone video showing the settlement of the current Citadel.

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