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Orang Asli pupils participate in Poster Drawing Competition

By: Noor Eszereen Juferi

Photo by: Azman Mohd (FRSB)


SERDANG, Sept 7 - A total of 180 Orang Asli primary school pupils have participated in the Poster Drawing Competition for Malaysian Orang Asli Pupils during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).


The competition with the theme of ‘Where do I see myself in 10 years?' was organised by the Faculty of Design and Architecture (FRSB), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in collaboration with Radio AsyikFM, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM).

Ts. Dr. Velu Perumal, Head of Jerayawara, Department of Industrial Design, FRSB, UPM, said the poster competition was an effort to provide a platform for the Orang Asli pupils to think about their educational goals and life achievements in the next ten years.

Dr. Velu further explained that the competition was specially catered for primary school pupils among the Orang Asli community to help fill in their free time during CMCO.

He also added that the inspiration to organise the programme sparked from the workshop on Creative Thinking and Design Innovation at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pos Musoh LZ Tapah, Perak, held last August. The programme managed to unveil the fact that many Orang Asli pupils have unique skills in design and creation.

“I hope with this exposure, Orang Asli pupils will be interested in art and design. Perhaps, one day they will continue their studies at FRSB, UPM and help strengthen the field of art and design in the country." he said.


Fazilatun Hazura Ya’amah, manager of AsyikFM, said the programme will be able to create successful people in the future who will contribute to the socio-economic development of the Orang Asli community.


Dean of FRSB, UPM, Assoc. Prof. LAR. Dr. Suhardi Maulan, expressed his hopes that such efforts will be able to help publicise the knowledge, education and skills needed to ensure uniformity and sustainability of nation development.

"Organising such programmes is appropriate to unearth the skills and interests of Orang Asli pupils. This would indirectly cultivate confidence in their creative thinking abilities and inspire pupils to pursue higher education." He said that and hoped that the programme would be an annual activity. - UPM

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