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Industrial Design Career Seminar by FRSB lures participation from STPM students

KUALA KRAI, July 29 - A total of 97 Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) arts stream students from three schools took part in the Industrial Design & Motivation Career Seminar organised by the Roadshow Committee of the Industrial Design Department, Faculty of Design and Architecture (FRSB), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).
The seminar aimed at stimulating students' interest in industrial design and increasing their motivation to sit for the STPM examination.
The Head of the Industrial Design Department, YM Assoc. Prof. Dr. Raja Ahmad Azmeer Raja Effendi, said that the committee chaired by Dr. Velu Perumal was established as an effort to promote the Industrial Design programme and FRSB in order to achieve the vision and mission of UPM.
He said that such a career seminar would help bring the students, teachers and local communities closer in an attempt to strengthen the country’s industrial design field.
According to Dr. Velu Perumal, the seminar which was organised with the cooperation given by SMK Sultan Yahya Petra 2, managed to inspire and build students’ confidence to join the industrial design field.
He added that if a student’s ability to draw is eternized in the field of industrial design, the student would be able to shape and enjoy a beautiful lifestyle.
He said students coming from the middle-income or poor families are usually very creative as the many shortages and poverty lead to self-discovery. He added that the quest to overcome life disadvantages usually results in creative thinking.
"Creative thinking helps bring about innovative thinking, and creative and innovative thinking brings about transformation or positive changes in one's life," he said.
Tuan Ibrahim Isha, the principal of SMK Sultan Yahya Petra 2, recorded his appreciation for the exposure to the industrial design field and the motivation given to the students who would be sitting for their STPM examination as he believed it would assist students in choosing the right career for their future.
The assistant principal of the school, Zulkifli Abdullah, added that the programme has opened the minds of the students to the field of design art, especially among rural students who have no knowledge of the existence of industrial designs.
"The lecture given has also sowed high motivation among the students. Students who attended the programme were eager to learn and deepen their knowledge on arts in particular," he said.
Many students who participated in the programme expressed interest in selecting industrial design as their field of studies in university later. Among them were Siti Hajar and Nik Nursyazwani who expressed their interest in becoming a successful industrial designer. - UPM

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