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Furniture shaped after traditional delicacies

KUALA LUMPUR, March 9: A group of lecturers and students from the Faculty of Design and Architecture (FRSB), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) displayed uniqueness, innovation and creativity by shaping and designing furniture after various Malaysian traditional savouries or kueh.

Those furniture such as chairs, side tables and lamps came in various exciting shapes of traditional savoury treats such as curry puffs, Kek Lapis (layered cakes), Kueh Nona, Bahulu, Kueh Peneram and Roti Jala.

Based on the concept of Contemporary, Urban, Enculturation, Homestyle (KUEH), the furniture were prominently displayed at the Exports Furniture Exhibition (EFE) from March 8  to 11 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), which also saw the participation of 300 companies, each showcasing their respective arrays of products.

Lecturer and researcher of Industrial Design Department FRSB, Prof. Dr. Khairul Aidil Azlin Abd Rahman said traditional delicacies were chosen as design motifs for the furniture as they could be an icon or an identity for the Malays and Malaysia in general.

"We are rich in culture and we have all kinds of traditional savoury treats that can be highlighted through furniture designs to enable us to discern the identity of our locally-made furniture from others," he said in an interview.

Once the concept was translated into a form of design for furniture, he said it could become a fun icon because things that were interesting and exciting could bring back fond memories or experiences.

"Indirectly, these furniture shaped after Malaysian traditional savouries can help introduce Malaysian culture and image abroad,” he said.

He created an Ottoman curry puff-shaped chair, saying that the seat cushion was made of soft fabric velvet for comfort.

The chair, he said, is suitable to be placed either in the lounge or resting area.

Head of Industrial Design Department, Associate Prof. Dr Nazlina Shaari, meanwhile, designed a “Nona Manis” chair after the shape of kueh Nona.

It is made of Nyatuh wood and 'felt wool blend'. The mid-section of the chair can be spread open as a table and a stool.

FRSB student, Nursyazana Osman, designed a side table “Lapees” after the famous Sarawak Kek Lapis concept, which came complete with a drawer. It is made of plywood, rubber wood and zebra veneer.

"I took on the concept of Kek Lapis by turning it into a round table,” she said.

Design and Industrial Studies student, Ezran Zainal, meanwhile, came up with an innovative “Rocking Chair’ after the concept of Kueh Bahulu.

Made of rubber wood and beautified with painting motifs, the chair is suitable for children.

Lecturer of the Department of Architecture, FRSB, Ar. Mohd Azli Mohamad Jamil, came up with the idea of four holes that could be found in Kueh Peneram for his chair  –Peneram Azli -  with elements of the savoury  treat featured in the chair.

"This chair is comfortable to sit, durable and suitable to be placed in the rest area of a house, even in hospitals. It can be used, even without the cushions, while the cushions can be changed,” he said.

Peneram Azli is made of Nyatuh wood while the cushions from high density sponge were lined with cotton fabric.

Senior lecturer of the Department of FRSB Architectural Landscape, Dr. Mohd Yazid Yunus and Architectural Landscape student, Mohd Amirul Hussain, worked together to produce a small chandelier “Jala Light,” taking after the Roti Jala concept.

Wires, including aluminium, with different thickness were formed like Roti Jala and placed on top of a bulb. When the light is installed, it generates shadows in the shape of a fishing net, giving out that aesthetic atmosphere.

"It emanates that therapeutic concepts of relaxation and tranquility through those shadows formed,” Dr. Mohd Yazid said. – UPM


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