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KLModern: mASEANa Student International Workshop 2019 @Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, July 28th - Three architecture students from the Faculty of Design and Architecture had participated in the mASEANa Student International Workshop 2019 @Kuala Lumpur held at the PAM Centre, Jalan Tandok, Kuala Lumpur. The workshop was organized by Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) in collaboration with the mASEANa Project of the University of Tokyo, Japan and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) as the local university host. It was attended by around 60 participants among lecturers and students from 9 local architectural schools in Malaysia together with the international participants from the University of Tokyo, Japan.

This mASEANa (an abbreviation for modern ASEAN architecture) workshop is a part of ongoing 5-year regional research project, from 2015 to 2020, funded by Japan Foundation and Toyota Foundation. The main aim of the project is to document modern architecture in the southeast Asian region while cultivating awareness among the younger generation about the importance of architectural heritage.

Throughout the three days of the workshop, students were assigned to document specific modern architectural buildings around Kuala Lumpur. Working in groups, the students took part in street journey to photograph and conduct quick inventory on the buildings before compiling their documentation for presentation.


Participants from UPM who attended the workshop are as follows:


Dr. Mohd Shahrudin Abd Manan



  1. Muhammad Firdhaus Razali (Year 3 of BSc. Arch)
  2. Noraliah Mohd Rasis (Year 3 of BSc. Arch)
  3. Nur Fareena Mohd Hashim (Year 3 of BSc. Arch)

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