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IKAT’23 Bamboo Architecture Interactive Camp

Madam Ida Suriana Ismail

UPM Bachelor of Science in Architecture with Honours Year 2 and Year 3 students participating in IKAT’23 Bamboo Architecture Interactive Camp at UTAR Kampar. This workshop is organised by UTAR Architecture Society, supported by PAM, MASA and Malaysian Bamboo Society, and is participated by around 150 students and lecturers from Universities in Malaysia (UTAR, UM, USM, UiTM, UPM, IIUM, USIM, Taylor’s, MAHSA, TARUMT, UTS) and 1 University from Indonesia, Universitas Warmadewa. Students work in 8 mix-universities groups to design and build a bamboo structure, while lecturers may participate as design advisors.

7 bamboo structures by 7 mixed-universities teams were erected and tested for their installation merhods, strength, functionality, and aesthetics. One structure by Universitas Warmadewa team (group 8) was constructed as a reference for other groups, which later is given as a gift to UTAR.

The project brief required each team to design and build a “Starry Pavilion” with a maximum size of 2mx2m and a maximum height of 3m. This pavilion is to be used as a resting place for users (students and public) to release stress and relax. The design of the pavilion should be explorative to create a resting place for the users to gather while enjoying the friendship under the starry skies.

The final structures produced are commendable with the limited skills, tools and time spent. The judges are impressed!

The whole exercise was an unforgettable experience for both lecturers n students from various universities. Apart from getting acquainted, students learned to work as a team and share views of their design knowledge. They gained better awareness in the use of bamboo structures. Most importantly they manage to develop their self-confidence to help prepare themselves for the coming semester. Well done ARCHIPUTRAS!


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