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Department of Architecture Shines Bright at PAASWE 2023

By Dr. Sarah Abdulkareem Salih

October 4-8, 2023, was a month of glory and achievement for the Department of Architecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia, as they basked in the limelight and garnered numerous awards and accolades at the PAM Annual Architecture Student Works Exhibition 2023 (PAASWE 2023). Our students exhibited excellent brilliance and dedication efforts, earning recognition for their exceptional work.

After weeks of relentless dedication, sleepless working nights, and unwavering efforts, ten of our distinguished students have emerged as stars, achieving remarkable records at PAM 2023. Among the highlights was the “Bronze Medal” for the “Dynamic Dance of Headgear” and “Gold Honourable 4th place” for the exceptional “PAM Best Booth Display Award 2023.” Yes, their journey was marked by sweat, perseverance, and the burning desire to excel, but their achievements stand as a testament to their commitment and innovation. The hard work and efforts made along the way have paid off, and the recognition they’ve garnered is a testament to their exceptional talents and the indomitable spirit that drives them towards success. The ten students were Muhammad Audy Adam Bin Mohd Famy, Immanuel Gunaraj Alexander, Dian Nurjanah Binti Abdul Kadir, Eddie Irvine George, Ungku Ariff Ahda Bin Ungku Sulaiman, Manuel Govin Gopan, Nurshafiqah Binti Mohd Sadad, Nur Salsabila Binti Shafiee, Assyifa Najihah Binti Rossahit, Anis Suraya Binti Mohd Isa; coordinated by (Dr Sarah Salih) as a supervisor lecturer.

The dancing tower concept is driven by the wavey aspect of the Cymatics vibrational phenomena. Together with the technology explained by Hermes Trismegistus, one of the fundamentals of the principle of how the world operates is that nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates. Cymatics bridge the gap between the understanding of vibration of wave (dynamic) and static (standing wave). Therefore, the Cymatics phenomena used to exhibit the idea of the steel dancing tower, "Cymatics: Standing Wave". The main function of the project is a display metal booth for displaying design projects. The fixed material used was a metal (100%) to represent the main theme of the project, temporary paper sheets and other material can be included. Since the dancing tower represents a physical material aspect. The headgear project called "TRIQUENTIC" represented (three) aspects of the human mind's perception (psychological attributes) through the day/life cycle, happiness, neutrality, and sadness.

These ten students are shining examples of what can be accomplished through dedication, determination, and a passion for their chosen field. Their accomplishments are well-deserved and serve as an inspiration to all aspiring students aiming for greatness.

This remarkable achievement was not limited to just these two awards. The department’s students also excelled in other categories. For example, both Part 1 (Bachelor of Science Architecture with Honours) and Part 2 (MArch: Master of Architecture) students received recognition for best students’ prizes, including Kok Foon Yi (Part 2), Chew Zhi Yi (Part 1), and Aisyah binti Mohd Anuar (Part 1). Our Part 1 student, Chia Jun (Year 3), also participated and won the Award presentation for the Straw Abstract Art Competition 2023, PAM 2023.

Alon that, UPM was honoured to coordinate this year’s event as a secretary of PAASWE 2023, under the coordination of the PAASWE 2023 convener Ar Azli Jamil and a group of distinguished students of Part 1, including: Immanuel Gunaraj, Muhammad Iqhwan, Aalia Nafeesa, Rabiatul Adawiah, Assyifa Najihah, Wong Leng Yong, Teo Hui Fang, Low Mei Wen, Nur Farhanah, Aisyah Mohd Anuar, Tuan Nur Zahirah, Yong Jia Wen, Nur Farzana, Nur Farhanah, Nurin Iman Athirah, Chan Kian Yung, Chia Jun, Nurul Adlyna, Amir Safuan, Tam Yee Hern, Aida Farzan, Ungku Ariff Adha, Ahmad Emran, Nevashini, Muhammad Azizi, Wang Wei Bin, Danial Haiqal, Muhammad Khairul Asyraff, Noor Daniel, Tang YenEe, Nor Farisha, Nur Jannah, Siti Sarah, Alfiyya Salsabila, Sarah Gerviana, and Jalina.

The lecturers at the Department of Architecture, FRSB, UPM, are immensely proud of their students’ achievements and delighted to see their students’ passion for architecture recognized at such a prestigious event. This success is not only a reflection of the student’s hard work but also a testament to the exceptional guidance and mentorship they receive at the department. We hope such efforts contribute to the mission and vision of our department, faculty and university as a whole.

The awards and recognition received at PAASWE 2023 serve as a source of inspiration for future generations of our department at UPM. They also underscore the department’s commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and excellence in architectural education. As the academic year progresses, we eagerly anticipate more remarkable accomplishments from the students at the Department of Architecture and look forward to their continued success in shaping the future of architectural design.

Finally, congratulations to the students, lecturers, and our department and faculty who participated in this fantastic architectural ceremony event. To the ten students, your hard work and creativity genuinely shine, and we are incredibly proud of your accomplishments! Keep reaching for the stars and inspiring us with your architectural ingenuity!


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