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Innovation and Sustainable Industrial Design (INSIDE)

Research Group Leader: Prof Dr Khairul Aidil Azlin B Abd Rahman 



The research group are from different disciplines that focus upon the design and technological issues related to the development of the industrial design. The research focus of this group is to explore and speculate upon current interpretations of sustainability in industrial design in the broadest sense - from the micro and macro level of design, culture, lifestyle trend, marketing, ergonomic, materials, manufacturing and technology. This research group  interested in looking at not only how the notion of sustainable industrial design is conceptualized, interpreted and implemented at varying scales, but also pushing to the frontiers of knowledge toward new directions and dimensions. These new dimensions should challenge us to be conscious of resource use, ecological balance and minimizing environmental impacts in professional design work and technological applications. Research and design project will become the vehicle to articulate and evaluate either totally new ideas or agendas for a sustainable future, or to revisit familiar problems but with a new vision and understanding of the environmental potential.


Group members:

Assoc Prof Dr Nazlina Shaari

Hj Azali Rahim

Indastri Saidon

Khairul Manami Kamaruddin

Dr Mohd Yazid Mohd Yunos

Ar Mohd Azli Mohammad Jamil

Dr Rodziah Atan

Dr Mohammad Razif b Mahadi

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