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Urban Sketching Seminar with the themes ‘Painting with Pencil’ and ‘Path to Urban Sketching’ 2019

Kuala Lumpur, July 5th- Six Architecture Students from Faculty of Architecture and Design had participated in the Urban Sketching Seminar with the themes ‘Painting with Pencil’ and ‘Path to Urban Sketching’ Seminar. This program was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

The event was organized by the Kuala Lumpur Urban Sketchers (KLUSK), a non-profitable art community formed by Mr. KC Lee in November 2015 to record the beauty beyond the cityscapes and share it with others through sketches. The seminar was attended by around 80 participants among lecturers and students in arts and design disciplines such as architecture, graphic design, fine arts, etc.

KLUSK aims to raise the artistic, storytelling and educational value of on-location drawing, educating them to appreciate the beauty of our city landscapes, to observe and capture the beautiful moments of the dynamic city.

KLUSK divided the seminar into two sessions:

  1. ‘Painting with Pencil’: This session was instructed by Architect Asnee Tasna from the University of Bangkok and Arsomsilp Institute of the Arts Bangkok. First, he gave a talk on the distinctive characteristic of pencil sketching style that produces the tonal quality and marking of textural stroke, a technique striking to artist and architects alike. Then, he taught participants the correct way to sharpen a sketching pencil. Finally, with a paper and a sharpened sketching pencil in hands, participants then started sketching by following Asnee’s instructions (90 minutes).
  2. ‘Path to Urban Sketching’: This session was handled by Dorathy Lye, an artist and art educator from Singapore. She shared her thoughts and most of her work on urban sketching (90 minutes).

Participants from UPM who attended the event are as follows:Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zalina Shari


  1. Aiman Farizi Che Juha (Year 3 B.Sc. Arch)
  2. Mohd Muzamir Mamdin (Year 3 B.Sc. Arch)
  3. Chia Wee Min (Year 4 M.Arch)
  4. Mohammad Firdaus Ahmad (Year 4 M.Arch)
  5. Tan Mei Shan (Year 5 M.Arch)
  6. Chin Yan Yong (Year 5 M.Arch) 

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