Ahmad Rizal Abd Rahman (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

Graduated Ahmad Abedini (PhD) Cultural Factors and Design Elements in Iranian Product Design. 
Loy Jia Shin (MSc) Attributes of Social Development for Educational Toys Designs to Cultivate High Moral Excellence in Preschool Children.
Continue Mohd Zaaba bin Abdul Latiff (PhD) A Study on Lifesaving Features in Multi-functional Product during Flood Disaster in order to Support People's Behavior Among Malaysian. 
Muhammad Huzail b. Hasbullah (PhD) The Study of Design Process on Traditional Wooden Boat Making in Terengganu. 
Ahmad Lutfee bin Mohd Lasa (PhD)

Identification of Product Ideation Problem to rework through Design Comprehension Among Indstrial Design Student.

Shao Nini (PhD) Transforming the Traditional Fish Motif into Modern Chinese Visual Design. 
Wu Yating (PhD) Research on the Application of Sichuan Opera Culture Visual Elements in Tourism Product Design.
Ahmad Fairuz bin Ariff (PhD) The Role of Customization in Product Design for Disable People. 
Mohd Farhan bin Ahmad Shukri (PhD) The Study on Fitness Furniture Design at Urban Park to Accommodate with Youth Generation at Klang Valley.
Pavinar a/l Krishnamurthy (MSc) A Study of Dengue Prevention for Aedes Mosquitoes Breeding in Malaysia. 
Muhammad Najib Safuan bin Mahad (MSc) Developing a Fire Extinguisher to Prevent Death Among Consumer.
Mohd Sidik bin Md Zain (MSc) Small Fishing Sensor Technology Improve Accuracy Of Shellfish Detection Coastal Community Fisherman.
Muhammad Husaini bin Rahmat (MSc) The Effect of Packaging Design on Islamic Scarf Product Appearance to the Consumer.
Nur Fauzani binti Rasat (MSc) The Study of User Preferences on Safety Aspects of Using A Motorcycles in The Campus Area.


Asraf Abdul Rahman (LAr.)

Graduated Maryam binti Md Yusoff (MSc) The Study Lead Uptake Ability by Axonopos Compressus and Zoysia Matrella from Lead Contaminated Soil.  


Faziawati Abdul Aziz (Dr.)

Graduated Mariatul Liza binti Meor Gheda (PhD) Children's Needs and Preferences for a Child Friendly Environment in Selangor.
Intan Melati binti Che Hassan (PhD) Provision of Affordable Housing for Middle-income Groups in Kuala Lumpur from the Land Use Planning Perspective. 
Continue Razan Liyana binti Rosli Reshid Stormwater Drainage Maintenance Guideline: A Sustainable Maintanence Approach for Retention Ponds in Malaysia. 
Rubayat Mahjabin Hossain  Sustainable Urban Design to Reduce Urban Crime in Urban Communities


Hassan Alli (Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.)

 Graduated Mohamad Saiful Sazwan b. Mohd Rashid (MSc) User Emotions Responses and Perceived Quality on Product Design. 
Continue Mohd Amil Faesal bin Fauzi (PhD) A Study of Trends in Perceived Quality Design Attributes in the Automotive Development.
Mohamad Saiful Sazwan b. Mohd Rashid (PhD) A Study of User Experience Knowledge and Design Characteristics in New Product Development Process for Product Success and Marketability
Zhao Zhining (PhD) Sustainable Product Design Method with Agility Approach for Optimisation the Small-medium Innovation Industry in China
Ummu Aiman binti Hishammuddin (MSc) Utilization Waste of Urban Trees for Alternative Furniture Material.
Khairul Aidil Azlin Abd Rahman (Prof. Ts. Dr.)
Graduated      Wan Noor Faaizah binti Wan Omar (PhD) Pemikiran Reka Bentuk Kreatif dalam Proses Reka Bentuk Perabot di Malaysia berdasarkan Pendekatan Biomimikri.
Velu a/l Perumal (PhD) Common Cultural Design Framework from Cultural Artefacts of Multi-Ethnic Society in Malaysia.
Valerie anak Michael (PhD) Establishing Hybrid Art Identity Model Through Artist's Practices that Integrate The Hybrid Art Knowledge in Malaysia Art Scene.
Nur Syazana binti Osman (PhD) Strategic Design Management Framework for Bumiputera Furniture Manufacturers through Industry Indicators.
Hema Zulaika bt Hashim (PhD) Design Development Process of Jewellery Product in Economic Consideration through Designomics Framework.
Mohd Hafiz bin Talib (MSc)

Pembangunan Reka Bentuk Sistem Hidroponik untuk Rumah Kompak.

Izyan Syamimi binti Zainol (MSc)

Screw Pine Leaves Bio-Composite for High Value Added Product Design.

Continue             Yeong Yin Mei (PhD)

The Assessment for Typology of Chinese Temple in Klang Valley, Malaysia from Era 1800-1900.

Muhamad Ezran bin Zainal Abdullah (PhD) Enhancing Design Process Efficiency with Ergo-Aesthetic Characteristic through Design Quality, Visual Assessment, And Cultural Behaviour of Malaysian Young Designers.
Norliza binti Ahmad (PhD)

Creative and Innovative Process through Teaching and Learning Approach to Achieve Higher Order Thinking Skills in Student of High School.

Nor Ziratul Aqma binti Norzaman (PhD)

Integrating Asma’ul Husna Values into the Design Excellence Principle.

Abdul Ghafur bin Abdul Hamid (PhD)

Kelestarian Industri Buluh Malaysia.

Mohamad Suhaimi bin Shahrin (PhD)

Constructing Haptic Exploratory Design Framework by Adapting Triz Model.

Fandi Ahmad Syah bin Amir Syah (PhD)

Local Innovator Adapt New Product Development Process to Complement The Grassroots Innovation Towards Commercialization.

Hafshizan bin Hashim (PhD)

Scenographic Design Thinking Process: Devising Scenography Principles Beyond Theatre Practices.

Ahmad Hakym bin Ahmad Hilmy (PhD)

The Sketch Nation: Sketching as Knowledge Transfer Apparatus of Architecture Narratives through Psychological and Anthropological Understanding.

Mohammadali Haddadian (PhD)

Constructing Flood Management Framework through Design Thinking Process for Urban Flood Area Residents in Malaysia.

Muhammad Amin bin Ibahrim (PhD) Analysing of Public Perception towards PDRM Rebranding Strategy
Xueyun (PhD) Research on Innovative Design of Bamboo Products Based on Design Management Strategies.
Abdul Mun'im bin Hassan Basri (MSc)

Developing an Integrated Goat Pen Housing Design for Effective Farm Management for Breeders.

Ahmad Nur Adzzam bin Mohd (MSc)

Developing Palm Oil Loose Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) Collector with Automated Features for Harvesting Activity.

Aini Atiqah binti Mohd Rosdi (MSc)

Biomimicry Design Process in View of Asma’ul Husna.

Joey Tiong (MSc)

Investigation of the Impact of Different Bamboo Surfacing In Product Applications towards Human Emotions Reaction
Haifa Najihah binti Hasmi (MSc) Technology to Improve the Accessibility of Quality Fruits and Vegetables in Moving Towards Sustainable Urban Kuala Lumpur.


Khairul Manami Kamarudin (Dr.)

Continue Chen Shaohan (PhD) Modelling the mixed-interaction Modality of Media Facades with TRIZ
Liu Jing (PhD)  
Cheang Siew Yue (MSc) Integrating Safe Toy Characteristics into Toy Design for Poor Children in Malaysia.
Guo Yubei (MSc) Kitchen Utensils for Elderly People.


Marek Kozlowski (Dr.)

Graduated Izza Shazleen binti Abdul Aziz (MSc)

Economic Valuation of Urban Forest Benefits in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya on Users Perception.

Continue Mina Azizabadi Farahani (PhD)

Design and Planning Requirements for Sustainable and Climate Responsive Street Furniture: Tehran & Kuala Lumpur Context.

Elham Karimian Mahmoud (PhD)

Improving the Energy Efficiency and Values of Low-Rise Residential Buildings towards Sustainable Refurbishment in Malaysia.

Hajiyat Shahad Raad Mayoof (MSc)

The Provision of Public Spaces in the War-Torn City.


Maszura Abdul Ghafar (Dr.)

Continue Mohammed Hayder Riyadh Mohammed (MSc)

Increasing the Knowledge of BIM Technology among Architecture Students in Malaysian Universities to be Globally Competitive.

Ziadoon Ahmed Mazyed Al-Hambosh (MSc)  The Impact of Technological Development on Facades of Building and the Way to Reduce Their Energy Consumption


Mohamad Fakri Zaky Ja'afar (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

Graduated          Ibiyeye Aminat Idowu (PhD)

Natural Ventilation Impact on Selected IEQ Parameters and Users' Satisfaction in Central Spaces of Shopping Malls in Malaysia.

Loo Kok Hoo (PhD)

Thermal Performance of Wood Wool Cement Panels as Building Envelope in Hot-Humid Tropics.

Fereshteh Hajigholami (MSc) Main Barriers and Potential Solutions in the Development of Energy Efficient Buildings in Warm Climates of Iran.
Fatemeh Deldarabdolmaleki (MSc)

Impact of Internal Venetian Blind Openings on Daylight in an Office Space in Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Amirhosein Sohrabiasl (MSc)

Numerical Assessment of the Impact of Shading on Opaque Wall in Malaysian Conditions.

Shakiba Bagheri (MSc)

User Satisfaction with the Daylighting Design at a Malaysian Public University Library.

Ibiyeye Aminat Idowu (MSc)

Occupancy Satisfaction Level and Ventilation Behaviour in Five Types of Housing in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Sahar Sojoudi (MSc)

Visual Comfort under Daylighting Conditions in Two School Classrooms in Malaysia.

Danial Goshayeshi (MSc)

Differences in Thermal Comfort at Bus Stops with Polycarbonate and Opaque Roofing at Universiti Putra Malasyia, Serdang, Malaysia.


Nurhidayah binti Mohd Radzi (PhD)

Impacts of Mixed-Mode Ventilation System on Users Satisfaction and Energy Consumption in Malaysia.

Wan Nur Azwani binti Mohamad Masri (PhD)

The Successful LCCF Implementation Towards the Realization of Green Cities in Malaysia

Fereshteh Hajigholami (PhD)

Attributes of Third Places that Encourage Social Interactions Based on Oldenburgar’s Theory.

Mohammed Khaled Ali Al-Gendari (PhD)

Integration of Sustainability in Architecture Curriculum.

Hadji Madjda Abir (PhD)

Green Wall Sustainable Validity in Algerian Courtyard: Indoor Thermal Comfort and Increase Occupants Satisfaction
Muhammad Fahmi bin Roslan (MSc) Reducing Energy Consumption of Controlled Environment Agriculture to Enhance Commercial Viability for Agribusiness in Malaysia
Lilas Faraj (MSc) Assessing Ventilation for Thermal Comfort towards Improved Educational Environment in Secondary School Classrooms.


Mohd Fairuz Shahidan (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

Graduated      Zanariah binti Kasim (PhD)

The Effects of Landscape Environment Settings towards Microclimate in Enhancing Pedestrian Thermal Comfort of Tropical Campus Environment.

Fara Diba binti Badrul Hisham (PhD)

Evaluation of Carbon Footprint in Landscape Development Stages Based on Life Cycle Assessment.

Roozbeh Arabi (PhD)

Assessment of Vegetation Cooling Effect through Application in Green Roofs in Tropical Campus Environment.

Nur Nadzrin binti Majin (MSc)

Growth Performance of Four Potential Species for Planting Spock Using Stem Cutting Propagation.

Mostafa Foroughmand (MSc) Perception of Daylighting in Malaysian Mosques by Worshippers
 Continue Beatrice Hon Jia Qi (PhD)

An Evaluation on Vegetation Cooling Performance in Malaysian Outdoor Green Open Spaces.


Mohd Faiz Yahaya (Dr.)

Continue Yang Zongrui (MSc)

Study on Familiarity, Unfamiliarity and Likings Through the Implementation of Chinese Traditional Culture to the Digital Product Designs.

Teh Hui Yeong (MSc) Integrating the Element of Biophilic Concept into Furniture Design in Urban Spaces


Mohd Johari Mohd Yusof (Assoc. Prof. Gs. Dr.)

Graduated Hajar Nasiri (PhD)

Flood Vulnerability Assessment in Urban Area in Small Spatial Scales (Kuala Lumpur).

Mazen Abdilwahab Abdula (PhD)

Modelling Rapid Urban Growth of Kirkuk City Based on Ethnicity Factors Using GIS and Cellular Automata-Markov

Mehdi Rakhshandehroo (PhD)

Reclassification of Urban Open Green Spaces for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Saeid Yazdani (PhD)

Agent-Based Framework for Improving Coordination of Urban Infrastructure Provision for New Residential Areas in Iran.

Dogara Victor Andrew (MSc)

Association of Physical Activity in Green Space, Dietary Pattern and Child Obesity.

Yakubu Mohammed (MSc)

The Availability and Accessibility of Urban Green Space in Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

Mohamad Aliff bin Bakar (MSc)

Users Perception on Bicycle Rack Design: A Case Study of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Serdang, Selangor.

Saidu Alhassan Umar (MSc)

Community Participation in Land Resource and Management in Gombe State, Nigeria

Shirin Vosoughi (MSc) Bicycle Station Facilities Preferences of Bike Riders in a Malaysian Public University
Continue    Saidu Alhassan Umar (PhD)

Effectiveness of Great Green Wall Strategic Action Plan (GGWSAP) Implementation through Community Participation in Gombe State, Nigeria.

Junainah binti Abu Kasim (PhD)

Development of Projection Model of Urban Green Space Allocation Density Ratio in Mitigating Urban Heat Islands Effect in Kuala Lumpur City.

Li Xiaoshu (PhD)

Digital Restoration of Missing Statues in Longmen Grottoes Based on Image Recognition Technology.

Owen Yeo Thian Seng (PhD)

Provision of Green Infrastructure Using Geographic Information System in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Hussainzad Emal Ahmad (MSc)

The Importance of Private Green Spaces related to Women Preference in Informal Settlements of Kabul City, Afghanistan.

Obilaonu Jane Ifeoma (MSc)

Housing Challenges among Urban Slum: A Look at the Socio-Economic Life Style of Lagos Slum Dwellers.


Mohd Kher Hussein (LAr. Dr.)

Graduated Nor'aini binti Talib (MSc)

Users' Satisfaction with Usability of Putrajaya Parks in Relation to Post-Occupancy Evaluation.

 Continue Zhuang Qianda (PhD) Promoting the Uniqueness of Rural Landscape Character of Shandong Province in China towards Tourist Development.
Nor Syuriaty bt Jaafar (MSc)

Analysis of Landscape Architectural Image of Forest Education Facilities to Requirement of Harmonize Design.


Mohd Nazri Saidon (LAr.)

Continue Fathihah Athirah binti Hasnor

Preferences of Biophilic Design Patterns among Malaysian Youth.


Mohd Shahrizal Dolah (Ts. Dr.)

Continue Mohd Haidiezul Jamal bin Ab Hadi (PhD) Developing Optimize Process Parameters to Enhance Surface Finish of 3D Printed Automotive Parts Using ABS Material.
Hosseinioun Asiehsadat (MSc)

Peer to Peer Communication Strategies among Children with Autism by Using Role-Play Design Game.

Nursyuhada binti Suaimi (MSc)

Developing Standard Design Criteria for Open Plan Office Furniture.

Nurul Fadilah Azwanie binti Afendi (MSc)

Integrated Design Process for Improving Design Collaboration at the Furniture Factory.

Muhammad Syafiq bin Mohamad Saleeh (MSc)

Analyzing the Effective Ways of Carrying the Saplings into the Forest

Muhammad Fitri bin Zulkafli (MSc) Developing Recycling Facilities through Positive Reward System for People's Housing Program (PPR) Residence.


Mohd Shahrudin Abd Manan (Dr.)

 Graduated Blakely Kennedy (MSc) Visualize Mood: A Semiological Analysis on the Sketches of Selected Architectural Students in Malaysia.
Continue Liu Zijia (PhD)

A Cultural Gamification on the Minority Ethnics of Yunnan, China.

Wang Xuefeng (PhD) Developing Animation Teaching System (ATS): An Integration between Design Thinking, Creative Methods and Animation Pedagogy.
Ji Guangyao (PhD) Developing a Place Branding Framework for Tourism Development Using Visual Urban Perception: A Case Study of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China


Mohd Yazid Mohd Yunos (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

Graduated         Hamidreza Hosseini (PhD)

Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Ventilation for Buildings in a Public University in Malaysia.

Safwah binti Mohamed Kamil (PhD)

Creating a Spiritual and Reflective Islamic Garden Based on Quranic Paradise Imagery through the Quran and Hadith.

Arinah binti Rozhan (PhD)

Development of Reflective Islamic Garden Framework from the Quranic Perspective.

Ani Shazwani binti Abas (PhD)

Low Carbon Capability Behavior Framework as Climate Change Mitigation for Urban Residential Area in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Zainab binti Abdul Latiff (PhD)

Physical and Expert Investigation of the Islamic Garden Design and Principles for Malaysia.

Mohd Amirul bin Hussain (MSc)

Landscape Element Assessment of Melaka Historic Waterfront through the Review on the Impression of Place.

Nor Juliana Abdul Aziz (MSc)

Establishing a Low-Carbon Community Framework at Putrajaya towards Achieving a Low-Carbon City.

Neda Jafari (MSc)

Residents' Preference of Rooftop Garden as Alternative Space for Promoting Urban Agriculture in High-Rise Buildings

Bijan Afsar (MSc) Critical Analysis of Students' Perception on Pedestrian Environment in a Malaysian Public University.
Ang Lay Swan (MSc)

Employees' Perception toward Conducive Working Environments in Selected Offices in Selangor, Malaysia.

Continue         Anisa binti Ani (PhD)

Enhancing Visual Landscape Assessment Model for the Conservation of Scenic Value of Tourism Destination.

Fatimatul Azadiah bte Safee (PhD)

Social Principle of Contemporary Islamic City Planning.

Mohd Amirul bin Hussain (PhD)

Malay Folklore Song as Concept of Landscape Design as New Guideline for Historic Waterfront Development in Malaysia.

Nursah'aidah binti Md Sahak (PhD)

Using Green Infrastructure to Mitigate Flash Flood Problems in Kuala Lumpur.

Nurul Izzati binti Othmani (PhD)

Biomimicry for Landscape Architecture.

Demdoum Khair Eddine (PhD)

Critical Analyses on Commercial Spaces of Mosque in Malaysia.

Fazlena binti Abd Rahim (PhD)

Lapangan Awam Bazar Islamik di Bandar Moden Sebagai Pemangkin Daya Hidup Bandar: Kajian Kes Souq Putrajaya

Nur Afikah binti Idrus (MSc)

Analyzing the Secret Life of Ant, Bee, Spider and its Application on Neighbourhood Community from the Quranic Perspective.


Mohd Zairul Mohd Noor (Ts. Dr.)

Continue    Muhammadu Kyari Habibullah (PhD)

Land Use Planning Model for Streamlining Housing Approval Process for Affordable Quality Housing by Non-Profit Developers.

Alfetais, Aysha Mnea A (PhD)

Utilizing Inclusive Design in Interior Design Rules and Regulations in Supporting Independence Living of the Elderly Citizens in Saudi Arabia.

Annisa Ummihusna binti Abdul Ghani (PhD)

Exploring the Use of Immersive Virtual Realities (IVR) Application in Malaysian Architectural Pedagogy.

Syafizal bin Shahruddin (PhD)

The Development of Architectural Activity BIM-Based Competency Framework: A Malaysian Case Study.

Wan Aishah binti Junidin (PhD) Exploring Third Pace for Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Housing in Malaysia.


Nazlina Shaari (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

Continue Raja Iskandar Shazrim Shah bin Raja Shahriman (PhD)

Relationship between Teaching Methodologies/ Strategies, Social Economic Status and Former School Background and its Effect on Students Academic Performance.

Nani Hartina binti Ahmad (PhD)

A Semiotic and Semantic Study of Kain Punca Potong through Pattern Characteristic in Kelantanese Weaving Design.

Mohd Hafiz Drahman (PhD)

A Quality Function Deployment Approach in Batik Block Design for Sme Malaysian Industry.

Firmansyah Rangga (PhD)

Adaptability Study at Islamic Boarding School.

Zulina bt Kamarulzaman (PhD) Constructing a Framework of Managerial Skills Competency among Fashion Design Entrepreneurs in SME Fashion Business.
Azni Hanim bt Hamzah (PhD) Constructing a Life Cycle Framework of Sustainable Textile from User Experience (UX) for Star Up Textile Company.
Zuo Shuangxi (PhD) Sustainability Framework of Slow Fashion: User Perception and Acceptance in Changsha, China
Liu Yangyi (PhD) Indigenous Knowledge Framework of Batik Patterns from China and Malaysia
Ge Baoru (PhD) A Model of User's Preference for Retrieving Preferred Clothes based on Kansei System in E-commerce.
Juliza binti Jamian (MSc)

Constructing an Assistive Medical Garment for Patients in the Hospital.

Wang Mingrun (MSc)

Constructing Kansei Engineering Methodology through Emotional Experiences of Children in Children's Travelling Luggage.

Norulaini binti Mohd Ramly (MSc)

Kaedah Pendrafan Sistematik dalam Pemotongan Pola Pakaian bagi Program Fesyen TVET.


Noor Azizi Mohd Ali (Dr.)


Continue Jinous Jahanshiri Moghaddam (PhD)

Illustration, Images and Street Logos in Urban Art Have Developed as Visual Vernacular in Graphic Design Source in Modern Metropolis, thus Exploring How These New Looks are Connected with Wider Changes in the Urban Landscape.


Noor Fazamimah Mohd Ariffin (Dr.)


Noor Azramalina Binti Abdul Aziz (PhD)

A Comparative Study of Traditional Settlements Conservation in Japan for Edu-Learning in Malaysia.

Nurul Nadiah Mohamad (MSc)

The Perception of Local Community towards Social-Cultural Value of Urban Heritage Trees in Georgetown, World Heritage Site.


Norhuzailin Hussain (Dr.)

Graduated Nadzirah binti Khairrussalleh (MSc)

Women's Childhood Experience and Attachment to Recreational Parks in the Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Continue Raudhah binti Hj Hilaluddin (PhD)

Elderly Attachment towards Urban Parks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Nor Atiah Ismail (Assoc. Prof. LAr. Dr.)

Graduated Nik Mastura binti Nik Mohammad (PhD)

Visual Characteristics of Built Cultural Landscape Enclaves in Aristocrat Area of Kota Bharu.

Mya Su San (MSc)

Reviving True Essence of Pluralistic Value in Islamic City Planning Concept According to Medina Charter.

Nora binti Ibrahim (MSc)

Public Environmental Perception and Behavior Intention on Garden Showcase Design in Putrajaya.

Meysam Deghati Najd (MSc)

International Tourists' Visual Preferences of Kuala Lumpur Historic City Centre.

Nurul 'Aqilah binti Aziz (MSc)

Social and Ethnic Integration through Shaping Cultural Landscape in Urban Residential Areas towards Achieving One-Malaysia Concept.

Continue Nur Izzati bt Othman (PhD)

An Existence of the Experiential Dimensions in Homestay's Cultural Landscape.

Mursyidah binti Mokhtar Mohed (PhD)

Post-Occupancy Evaluation on Outdoor Islamic Kindergarten Learning Environment in Lembah Klang.

Siti Balkish Roslan (PhD) Investigation of Architecture History and Theory Pedagogy in the Malaysian Architecture Programs
Maizura bt Mazlan (PhD)

Sustainable Socio-Cultural Landscape in Reviving the Image and Identity of Peri-Urban Area in Selangor.

Nora binti Ibrahim (PhD)

Sustaining the Cultural Landscape Authenticity in Kg. Bang, Perak.

He Xubo (PhD) Conservation of Cultural Heritage of Campus Landscape in Universities in Guangzhou, China.


Nor Azlina Alias (Dr.)

Continue Omran Moesas Subhi (MSc)

Smart Building Strategies for Facade Design in Malaysian Buildings.


Nor Azlina Abu Bakar (Dr.)

Continue Foroogh Alikomak (PhD)

The Importance of Infrastructure Planning and Design in Public Spaces of New Town to Increase the Level of Residents™ Satisfaction on Quality of Life: The Case of Cyberjaya as a Centre of International Business and Education.

Li Yue (PhD)

The Importance of Sustainable Tourism Development in Order to Preserve Traditional Hot Spring Village Landscape In Shandong, China.

Takhmiri Hedieh (PhD) Low Cost Urban Neighborhood Design as A Strategy Towards Resilient Urban Poor Community: Post Pandemic Implications
Wan Noor Zalikha binti Wan Zaharuddin (MSc)

Ecotourism as a Mechanism for Environmental Awareness among Local Community in Pulau Redang Marine Park.

Harith bin Mohmmad Zin (MSc) Assessing Public Infrastructure Influences in Low Cost Housing on The Well Being of Youths


Norsidah Ujang (Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.)

Graduated Mahboubeh Rakhshanifar (PhD)

Determining Shopping Street Sociability through Place-Based and People-Based Character Assessment.

Bibi Khairani binti Mohamed Sabri (PhD)

Compliance to Setback Regulation Among Homeowners of Terrace and Semi-Detached Homes in Hulu Langat District, Selangor, Malaysia.

Ding Rui (PhD)

Development of The Complex Network Based Integrated Multi-Layer Urban Growth and Optimization Model for an Efficient Urban Traffic Network.

Faezeh Mohammadi Tahroodi (PhD)

Impact of Social Imageability on Intensity of Passive Social Interaction along Designated Paths within Urban Parks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Moulay Amine (PhD)

Place Attachment Process and its Influence on Neighborhood Park Utilization in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Zeinab Aliyas (PhD)

Factors Influencing Leisure Walking in Residential Areas in a City in Iran.

Zeinab Mollazadeh (PhD)

Tourist Route Choice Behavior and the Walkability of Historic Areas in Kuala Lumpur City Center.

Raudhah binti Hj Hilaluddin (MSc)

Visual Preference of Urban Riverfront among Kuala Lumpur Residents.

Fazlena binti Abd Rahim (MSc)

Persepsi Orang Awam dan Profesional Terhadap Imej Visual Reka Bentuk Bandar Islamik di Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Soha Soltani (MSc)

Public Evaluation of Streetscape in Kuala Lumpur City Center, Malaysia

Moulay Amine (MSc)

Legibility of Neighborhood Parks and its Impact on Social Interaction in Planned Residential Areas in Putrajaya, Malaysia

Khairul Amin bin Mirsa Hussain (MSc)

Effects of Landmarks on Visitors' Attachment to the Historic District of Bandar Hilir, Melaka, Malaysia.

Roshanak Mohebbi (MSc)

Integrating Urban Design Principles in Promoting Sports Tourism for Bukit Jalil Sports Complex, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Mahsa Mansouri (MSc)

Pedestrian Walkability and Satisfaction in Kuala Lumpur City Center, Malaysia.

Maasomeh Roustae Sadr Abadi (MSc)

Legibility of Safaieh Neighborhood in The City Of Yazd, Iran.

Sourena Ziaei (MSc)

Characteristics of Urban Landmarks and Their Relationships with Place Attachment.

Atefehalsadat Ayeghi (MSc)

The Influence of The Physical Features on Users' Attachment to KLCC Park, Malaysia.

Tan Lai Kum (MSc)

Legibility of Historic District in Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Malaysia.

Atirah bt Salim (MSc)

Walkability of Bukit Bintang Commercial District, Malaysia.

Ali Sadeghi Hariri (MSc)

Thermal Performance of Public Courtyards in Yazd, Iran During Summer.

Continue    Nor Hamizah binti Abdul Hamid (PhD)

The Influence of Context and Sound Source on the Soundscape Perception in the Urban Shopping Streets.

Tugce Ertan (PhD)

Identifying the Effects Of Popular Social Media Tools on People's Sense of Place Attachment towards Rehabilitated Abandoned Places that Reserve Urban Identity.

S. Yasmin Sofia binti Hussain (PhD)

Urban Design Characteristics That Influence the Settlement Patterns of Immigrants.

Shahida binti Mohd Sharif (PhD) Effects of Community Gardening on Social Attachment and Environmental Behaviour in Urban Neighborhoods.
Salmanian Mohammadhassan (PhD) The Effect of Urban Morphology Components on Micro-Climatic Indicators for Climatic Comfort of Public Spaces to Enhance the Quality of Walkability.
Harizi Hammou (PhD)

Assessing Functionality of Back Alleys of Business District of Kuala Lumpur as a Place of Attachment.

Zhou Jialu (PhD) Improve Urban Readability Through Public Art Outdoor Wayfinding Signages.
Nurul Atikah binti Ramli (MSc) Users' Preferences towards Social Attributes of Place in Creative Placemaking.


Nur Dalilah Dahlan (Dr.)

Graduated Amir Hosein Ghaffarian Hoseini (PhD)

Adaptation of Spatial, Cultural and Functional Features of Malay Vernacular Houses to Modern Dweller Design for Enhancement of Quality of Life.

Mainur Kurmanbekova (MSc)

Thermal Perception and Willingness to Walk among Office Workers in Tropical Low Carbon City of Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Mani Mansouri Bigdeli (MSc)

Thermal Comfort and User's Perception of Bamboo as Shelter in School Outdoor Environment.

Yakubu Yau Gital (MSc)

Thermal Sensation and Comfort in Transient Conditions in Hot-Humid Environment.

Saaeed A. Neama (MSc)

Effects of Radiant Cooling on Thermal Comfort in Energy Commission Building in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Continue Fatemeh Deldarabdolmaleki (PhD)

Environmental Thermal Properties and Psychophysical Influences on Office Worker™S Willingness to Walk In Tropical Low Carbon Cities.

Bousbia Laiche Abdelfatah (PhD)

Sick Building Syndrome Influences on Users' Cognition in New and Old Library Buildings in Klang Valley.

Zarfany binti Abdul Hadi (MSc)

Safe Commercial Kitchen Environment for Cooks in Malaysia.


Osman Mohd Tahir (Prof. Ts. LAr. Dr.)

Graduated Fatemeh Kalantari (PhD) Community Acceptance of Vertical Farming in Urban High-Density Areas of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ashkan Nochian (PhD)

Public Preference and Participation In Sustainable Redevelopment of a Closed Landfill Site in Ayer Hitam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Mona Erfanian Salim (PhD)

Tourist Needs for Urban Open Public Spaces in Kish Island, Iran.

Mina Kaboudarahangi (PhD)

Preferred Iconography for Development of New Garden Identity.

Faiza Darkhani (MSc)

Sustainable Urban Green Space Management in Kabul (Afghanistan).

Arnis Aziz (MSc)

Sustainability of Street Furniture Design in Urban Malaysia.

Mohd Fabian Hasna (MSc)

Integrating Public Art in Malaysian Urban Landscape.

Nur Azemah Binti Hj Aminludin (PhD)

Assessment Criteria in Evaluating the Quality of Urban Landscape Development in Malaysia.

Intan Khasumarlina Binti Mohd Khalid (PhD)

Influences Plants in Royal Palace of Perak.

Adam Aruldewan B. S. Muthuveeran (PhD)

Development of Landscape Project Risk Management Framework for Malaysia Landscape Project.

Nazanin Golkar (PhD)

Development of Sustainable Playground Design in High Density of Urban Area in Malaysia.

Nor Azah Abdul Aziz (MSc)

Best Management Practices (BMP) for Urban Parks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Rahinah Ibrahim (Prof. Dr.)

Graduated Elyas Vahedi Moghaddam (PhD)

Reinvigorating the Social Vitality of Leisure Public Spaces through Social Innovations by Media Architecture.

Ratnakala a/p Sithravel (PhD)

An Architectural Lighting Design to Enhance Individuals' Wellbeing Indicators in Windowless, Open-Plan Workplace in Tropical Environment.

Noranita Mansor (PhD)

Inclusion of Universal Design Towards User-Centric Interior Design Process in Malaysia.

Dania Muhammad Nasrat Sammani (PhD)

Sustainable Built Environment Factors and Facility Management Practices for Nurturing Sustainable Behavior on University Campus.

Navid Nasrolah Mazandrani (PhD)

Modular Independent Sewerage Treatment System Design for Domestic Residence at Water Villagers in Sabah, Malaysia.

Maszura bt Abdul Ghafar (PhD)

Professional Collaborative Cultural Model for Malaysian Construction Industry.

Ali Rashidi (PhD)

Developing Capability of Low-Skilled Laborers through Serious Game at Industrialized Timber Construction Projects in Developing Countries.

Hammah Noriss Kweku (PhD)

Streamlining of Planning Approval Workflow Process for Town and Country Planning Department of Accra, Ghana.

Maziyar Mamdooh (PhD)

Development of An Industrialized Building System for Facilitating 3D Modular Design Process in Malaysia.

Ali Ghaffarian Hoseini (PhD)

Effectiveness of Utilizing Automatic Residential Spatial Diagramming by Senior Architectural Students.

Nor Shahrene Mohd Ibrahim (PhD)

Integration of Human Computer Interaction in Architectural Practice on Building Energy During Schematic Design.

Naeimah Delavari (PhD)

IT-Integrated Design Collaboration Engagement Model in Support of Malaysian Building Design Professionals.

Bardia Bakhtiar (PhD)

Smart Growth Model for Affordable Quality Housing in Malaysia.

Shahab Abbaszadeh (PhD)

Reinforcing Social Interaction among Persian Neighborhood Communities in New High-Rise Residential Development.

Farzad Pour Rahimian Leilabadi (PhD)

Cognitive Transformation Mediated by Digital 3D Sketching During Conceptual Architectural Design Process.

Mustafa Fawwaz Jarullah (MSc) Framework for Improving Clash Management Process for the Construction Management Team using Industrialized Building Product.
Mohammad Kamal Hussein Al Zoubi (MSc) Color Design Preference Framework for Attracting Middle Eastern Tourists to Hotel Lobbies in Malaysia.
Mahkameh Valikhani (MSc)

Impact of Furniture Arrangement on Sitting Movement Pattern Among Pre and Primary School Children.

Mehrdad Sahraei Loron (MSc)

A Framework to Utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) System for Optimizing Lighting in Historic Building in Malaysia

Ahmed Tholhath (MSc)

Evaluating the Use of Building Information Modelling in Resort Development in Republic of The Maldives.

Mohd Zairul bin Mohd Noor (MSc)

Identifying Appropriate Concurrent Engineering Principles for Mass Housing Industry in Malaysia.

Azrol Kassim (MSc)

Utilizing Virtual Prototyping Tool in Material Selection for Industrial Design Practice.

Siva Jaganathan (MSc)

Developing an Integrated System Design Model for Form Flexibility of Industrialized Residential Timber Building

Ali Ghaffarian Hoseini (MSc)

Adaptation of Social Network Analysis for Facilitating Spatial Diagramming during Architectural Conceptual Design Phase.

Continue    Nor Hayati binti Mansor (PhD) New Product Development Process Through Design Competencies Approach for Malaysia Bumiputera Furniture Manufacturers.
Athira binti Azmi (PhD)

Integrating Virtual Reality Technology to Facilitate Evaluation of Affordable Housing with the Enhancement of Empathic Consideration and Better Understanding of Potential Homebuyers Behavior

Maznah binti Sahran (PhD)

Automated Progress Monitoring of an Integrated Pre-Commercialization Phase of an Intellectual Property in a Physical Campus Development Process.


Raja Ahmad Azmeer Raja Ahmad Effendi (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

Graduated Sazrinee bte Zainal Abidin (PhD) Brand Equity and Packaging Design Impact on Customer Loyalty to Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia Products.
Cheah Kah Ling (MSc) Unsafe Features Causing Children Injuries in Public Climbing Park Playground Equipments in Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Mariah binti M. Johari (MSc)

Typography Selection and Modification Guidelines - Evoking Emotion in Typeface Towards Logo Visual Perceptions.

Yeong Yin Mei (MSc)

User Satisfaction toward Baby Room Design and Facilities in Selected Shopping Centers in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Continue    Andi Nursyuhada binti Abdul Kadir (PhD)

Gear Up Industry 4.0 through Implementation of Emotional Intelligence for Styling Practice in Transportation Design.

Jarfrulhizam bin Jaafar (PhD)

Creating Emotion by Implementation of Character Line for Furniture Product in Industrial Design Process.

Nurhikma binti Mat Yusof (PhD)

Empowering Product Effect in Expert-User Creation for Sustainable Innovation.

Mohd Firuz bin Mohd Anwar (PhD)

Investigating Typicality and Novelty Characteristic through Visual and Auditory Sensory for Aesthetics Pleasure.

Eric Cheah (PhD)

Design Branding and Emotion in Furniture Industry: A New Approach and Module

Mariah binti M. Johari (PhD) Impact of Visual Elements and Graphic Design Practice on Emotional Processing of Brand Recognition Towards Logo Changes


Roslina Sharif (Dr.) 

Continue Muhammad Fakhar bin Muhammad Nur (PhD) Aspiration and Assimilation in Bringing The Malay Vernacular Architecture to the Modern Housing in Malaysia
Pang Ling Xiang (PhD) Developing Design and Planning Strategies Framework of Outdoor Play Area to Improve Cognitive Learning through LTP for Preschool.
Muna Almawaldi (MSc)

The Elements of A Future Campus that can Improve Higher Education Quality in UPM Campus Learning Facilities.


Roziya Ibrahim (LAr. Dr.)

Continue Yan Shihua (PhD)

Restoration and Management for Moat Systems through Ecological Approach in Tianchang City Towards Sustainability.

Robiatun Alawiah binti Haris (MSc)

Comparing Design of Neighborhood Landscapes Towards Enhancement of Residential Property Value.

Nur Diyana binti Mohd Ariffin (MSc)

Public Perception Towards Naturalistic Landscape in Kuala Lumpur's Urban Park.


Ruhaizin Sulaiman (Dr.)

Graduated Ahmad Qadri bin Basri @ Boseri (MSc)

Use of Eye Height Level in Standardizing Signage Height in a Hospital in Selangor, Malaysia.

Continue Nurhanisah binti Mohd Hawar (PhD)

Ergonomic Studies on Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDS) to Improve Quality and Productivity of Industrial Worker.


Saiful Hasley Ramli (Dr.)

Continue Farnaz Jalilvand (PhD)

Designing Comprehensive Service Design to Breast Cancer Survivor.

Wan Maziani binti Wan Maznan (MSc)

Development of Mock-Up Kit for Designing Surgical Tool in Co-Creation Project.

Mohammad Farhan bin Masiran (MSc)

Developing Orthopedics Wrist Surgery Mannequin in Generative Design Concept for Orthopedics Surgeons.

Nadiah binti Rozlan (MSc)

Investigate Issue in Usability of O&G Mannequin in Obstetric Training.


Shamsul Abu Bakar (LAr. Dr.)

Continue Al-Sammrraie Riyadh Mundher Sameen (PhD)

Development of Visual Quality Assessment Framework for Green Urban Area in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Liu Shanyi (MSc)

Visual Perception of Roof Garden.

Fatma Khaled Abdulla Zain Al-Sakkaf (MSc)

Rehabilitation of Damaged Historical Buildings in Yemen.


Shureen Faris Abd Shukor (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

Graduated Nur Amira bt Noor Kamal (MSc)

Confirmation on The Therapeutic Benefits of Nature to Facilitate The Recovery From Stress Among University Students by Using Virtual Reality Technique.

Nur Syakira Amira binti Amat (MSc)

Preference for Green Outdoor Environment Over Indoor Spaces by Cardiac Survivors with Walking as a Rehabilitative Activity.

Noor Azramalina binti Abdul Aziz (MSc)

Teachers' and Caretakers' Perceptions on Green Outdoor Environments for Children with Learning Disabilities at A Primary School in Selangor, Malaysia.

Siti Nur Fathirah binti Adnan (MSc)

Design Recommendation for A Restorative Green Outdoor Environment at Hospital Serdang, Malaysia

Continue Nursuriani binti Shaffee (PhD)

Affordances of Outdoor Environment at The Senior Citizen Activity Centers for Elderly Outdoor Activity and Environmental Support.

Iskandar Al Khalifah bin Mohd Razali (MSc)

Incorporating Nature Index Assessment with Object-Based Image Analysis and UAV for Natural Character Evaluation.


Siow May Ling (Dr.)



Balqis binti Aminuddin (PhD) Development of Coastal Wetland Facilities Design Framework towards Enhancing Tourists Nature Experiences.
Mohamad Faraj (MSc) Assessing Medical Tourism Accommodation Facilities Therapeutic Design Qualities towards Promoting Tourists Health-being.


Siti Mastura Md Ishak (Dr.)

Continue Nurlisa binti Tajul Rosli (MSc)

Properties in Natural Biodegradable Material for Reducing Unconscious Cognitive Behavior Among Ailurophobics.

Zaini binti Madarshah (MSc) Quality of Design Pattern Cutting for Community College Fashion Design Students Towards IR 4.0: A Case Study


Siti Sarah Herman (Dr.)

 Continue Siti Nur Hidayatul Ain binti M. Nashruddin (PhD)

Hamessing BIM Potential as Green Tourism Strategic Planning Tools towards Engaging Community Concerns and Participations in Coastal Wetland Area.

Khan Ali Hussein Abdulmuttaleb (MSc)

Applicability of Natural Ventilation System in Providing Thermally Comfortable Indoor Space in Iraqi Buildings.

Mohd Haris bin Mohd Sa'ad (MSc)

What Factors Construction Industry Issues and IR 4.0 to Mitigate Construction Risk by Project Manager.


Sreetheran Maruthaveran (Dr.)

Continue Patheebaa a/p Paneerchelvam (PhD)

To Investigate Factors Influencing the Use of Urban Green Network and The Quality of it Associated with Physical Activity and Health.

Izyan Ayuni binti Mohamad Selamat (PhD) Investigating Vacant Urban Land Availability, Typology and Its Potential From the Social-Ecological Perspectives in Kuala Lumpur.
Maria Arlene Jackan anak Siba (MSc)

Investigating the Use, Preference and Constraints of Green Outdoor Environments at Workplaces in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.

Praveena a/p Balai Kerishnan (MSc)

Investigating the Usability Pattern of Pocket Parks in Kuala Lumpur.


Suhardi Maulan (Assoc. Prof. LAr. Dr.)

Graduated    Nasim Sahraei Nejad (PhD)

Preferred Visual Characteristics of Pedestrian Bridges in Tehran, Iran.

Ali Sharghi (PhD)

Children's and Adults' Needs for Open Space in Tehran's High-Rise Apartments.

Ahmad Hami (PhD)

Relationship Between Vegetation Visual Complexity and Perceived Safety in Urban Parks.

Kashino Naohiro (MSc)

Foundation of Malaysian Garden- How Malaysians Perceive The Landscape.

Shabnam Kavousi (MSc)

Conceptual Implementation Constraints in Malaysian Landscape Architectural Development Process.

Ahmad Hami (MSc)

Users' Preferences of Usability of Urban Parks in Tabriz, Iran.

Fazilah binti Fazle Moula (MSc)

Preferences for Interior Public Spaces in Kuala Lumpur Shopping Malls.

Continue      Nor Zaliza binti Mohd Puzi (PhD)

Flood Manager's Acceptance on Local Plan's Role As Decision-Centered Document in Managing Flood.

Raheleh Akbari Joni (PhD)

Evaluating Design of Islamic Garden in Malaysia Based on Islamic Identity, Values And Principles with Focus on Characteristics of Islamic Gardens During The History in Islamic Territories and Geographic Position.

Siti Nur Fathirah binti Adnan (PhD)

Establishment of Visual Quality Criteria and Threshold for Urban Environment by Using Visual Preferences Methodology.

Liang Nianlong (PhD)

Protection and Revival of Traditional Village Cultural Landscapes in China.

Gidado, Usman Muhammad (PhD) Developing Resilience Framework for Managing Community Open Spaces of North Western Nigeria
Engku Hanisyarulakmar binti Engku Murad (MSc)

The Impact of Outdoor Playground Settings to Children's Creativity.

Fatimah binti Mohd Akhir (MSc)

Sense of Neighborhood and Belonging for Public Spaces and Landscape Facilities At PPR Schemes in Kuala Lumpur.

Mahjabin Anika (MSc)

Role of Urban Open Spaces in Sustainable Urban Neighborhood and its Impact on Social Interaction: The Case of Dhaka.


Sumarni Ismail (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

Graduated    Sarah Abdulkareem Salih Salih (MSc)

Social Interaction in Community Parks in Karkh, Iraq.

Omar Khasro Akram (MSc)

Identification of Cultural Properties of Arab District, Erbil, Iraq.

Mst Nargis Parvin (MSc)

Review of The Adaptive Re-Use of Three Colonial Buildings in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Continue   Nur Rasyila binti Rosely (PhD)

Contextual Design and Historical Analysis of Modern Islamic Public University in Malaysia.

Omar Khasro Akram (PhD)

Development of A Framework for Conservation Management of Tangible Heritage to Arab District, Erbil, Iraq.

Sarah Abdulkareem Salih Salih (PhD)

Pocket Parks for Social Interaction and Learning Activities in Malaysian Public Universities.

Ahmed Sadek Ahmed Bajish (PhD)

Architectural Identity: Sustaining Heritage Characteristics Vernacular Architecture in Traditional Houses of Aden City.

Mohd Hayazi bin Agusi (PhD)

Horizontal Loyalty Towards Built Cultural Heritage: Case Study of The Taiping Heritage Trail, Perak

Izzati Zainal Abidin (PhD)

Internalization of Cultural Influence Framework in Physical Development of Coastal Resorts Identity towards Enhancement International Tourists Experience.

Ahsani Majid (PhD)

A Model for Vertical Mosque Considering The Culture and The Climate in Malaysia.

Mohadeseh Jeddinia (MSc)

Contemporary Mosque Architecture in Iran and Analysis of the Style and Possible Influence.

Al-Mohsen Mustafa Abdulmunem Saleh (MSc)

Identify the Effective Environmental Treatments for Housing Designs in Iraq.


Velu Perumal (Ts. Dr.)

Continue Law Shen Shen (PhD) Understanding the Cultural Values of Common Malaysia Kelarai.
Bu Jimo (PhD) A Study on Indigenous Knowledge of China's Nuosu Yi Community to Preserve Semantic and Simiotic Values of Craft Culture
Han Xuan (PhD)  
Zhang Ling (PhD)

Sustainable Campus Space Design Strategy in Minority Areas.

Ilangeswary a/p Murugan (MSc)  

Traditional Kolam Practices Among Indian Community in Klang Valley.


Wan Srihani Wan Mohamed (Dr.)

Continue Abdul Rahim bin Mohd Zin (PhD)

Self-Build Ability of Temporary Shelter for Flood Victims in Rural Areas Malaysia.

Ehsan Mokhtari (MSc)

Optimizing Building Form Design in Reducing Noise from Electricity Generation Using Wind Turbine.


Zalina Shari (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

Graduated   S M Jubaer Alam (MSc)

An Investigation of Daylight Performance and Users Satisfaction of Green Office Buildings in Malaysia through Post-Occupancy Evaluation.

Maliheh Baharipoorfarkoosh (MSc)

Color Comparison of Iranian Traditional Architecture into Television Studies Sets.

Continue Noor Laily bt Mohamad (MSc)

Building Envelope Retrofit: Enhancing Energy Performance in Existing Government Office Buildings in Malaysia.

Aazami Arman (MSc)

Daylight Performance for Green Building Residential in Malaysia.

Nur Amalina Syairah Mohamed (MSc)

Development of Environmental and Social Assessment Framework for Mosque in Malaysia.

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