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1 Dr. Shahrudin bin Abdul Manan GP_IPM/2016 Creative city,creative economy : Critucal spatial exploration on the creative class of cyberjaya Malaysia
2 Prof. Rahinah Ibrahim GP-IPS/2016 Adaptive tropical daytime indoor IIIuninance that supports circadian, mood and visual functions to enchance human's psyshophysiological wellbeing .
3 PM. Dr. Norsidah Ujang  GP-IPS/2016 Influence of place attachment on park utilisation in planned residential neighborhoods in Putrajay, Malaysia
4 Dr. Ahmad Rizal Abdul Rahman GP-IPS/2016 The challenger of furniture designer to improve furniture manufacturing industries in Malaysia.
5 Dr. Suhardi Maulan GP-IPS/2016 The accepteance of development control manager of a local plan asdecision centred dokumen in managing flood
6 Prof.Khairul Aidil Azlin Abd Rahman GP-IPS/2016 Communality among cultural artifacts in diverser cultures, Malaysia.
7 Dr. Noor Fazamimah Mohd Ariffin GP-IPS/2016 Developing conceptual framework of contemporary Islamic garden based on historical islamic gardens theoris and principles
8 Dr. Noor Fazamimah Mohd Ariffin GP-IPS/2016 An analysis of women's prayer spaces as potential social interaction buh in mosque
9 P.M.Dr. Nangkula Utaberta GP-IPS/2016 Evaluating the role of masjid(Brfore, during and after math) in dealing with disaster : A case study of on big floods 2014 affected in Kelantan
10 P.M.Dr. Nangkula Utaberta GP-IPS/2016 Analyzing the cultural changes of Kelantan community lifestyle and developing the cultural framework for mitigating flood in Kuala Krai
11 Dr.Faziawati Abdul Aziz GP-IPS/2016 Child friendly enviroment (CFE): Cheldren speak out on their future urban neighbourhood preferences in Selangor
12 Dr. Sumarni Ismail GP-IPS/2016 The need for post auditing social impact assessment in Malaysia development project
13 Dr. Nor Atiah Ismail GP-IPS/2016 Analyzing seraah and hadith for evaluating the developing of mosque as an islamic institution 
14 Dr. Mohd Kher Hussein GP-IPM/2016 Expert perception on managing landscape beauty of reccearation forest for outdoor activity in Peninsular Malaysia
15 Dr. Golnar kiani GP-IPM/2016 Employing digital Design and  Fabrication process by product designers; To produce their creative design , reducing the comolexinty of whole process.
16 Dr. Mohd Shahrizal Dolah GP-IPM/2016 Design contribution in designing apparatus to assist sport injuries during bike event
17 Dr. Noor Fazamimah Mohd Ariffin GP-IPM/2016 Valuation of the Non-use values of urban heritage trees in Taiping Lake Gardens, Perak 
18  Prof. Dr.Rahinah Ibrahim FRGS Banjir/5524702 Developing organizationa model on integrated flood preparedness management system for D-I-Y commmunity rebuilding in Sg Kelantan river basin
19 Prof. Madya Dr.Nangkula Utaberta FRGS Banjir/5524701 Empowering community institution's for flood preparedness in Sg Kelantan river basin through cultural-responsive relief program for built environment rebuilding with disaster victims
20 Dr. Sumarni Ismail UPM/CADE/GIPP/9323651 Adapting cultural mapping pedagogical for history of South East Asia Architecture and history of Islamic Architecture, Architecture Department UPM
21 Dr. Nor Atiah Ismail GP-IPB/2014 Identififying Islamic principles from Malay Culture Landscape towards sustainable Islamic city
22 Dr. Nur Dalilah Dahlan GP-I/2014/9442700 Investigation of office occupant's psychophsica; respon in transient environments
23 Prof. Dr. Khairul Aidil Azlin Abd. Rahman  KTGS-05-14-006 Konservasi Kearifan Tempat dan Pembangunan Kraftangan Hiliran Berasakan Mengkuang di Kuala Pahang, Pahang
24 Dr. Mohd Johari Mohd Yusof,  UCTCF-05-15-003 Laluan Bebasikal dalam Tasik Taman Cempaka Bangi , Selangor
25 Dr. Mohd Johari Mohd Yusof UCTCF-05-15-002 Pengindahan Sg. Galing kecil, Pahang 
26 Dr. Mohd Fakri Zaky Jaafar 03-01-14-1461FR Thermal comfort of Mixed-mode ventilation system in prestigious Hotel in Malaysia
27 Dr. Huzailin Hussain 05-02-14-1560FR identification of women's chidhood experience and attachment to recreational parks in klang valley, Malaysia
identification of 
28 Dr. Nangkula Utaberta GP-IPM/2014/9441400 Developing space management model for model for modern mosque in Kual Lumpur, Malaysia
29 Prof. Madya Dr.Norsidah Ujang GP-IPS/2014 Developing an agent- based model of pedestrian safety incorporating road charecteristics and pedestrian behavior
30 Dr. Zulkifli Muslim GP-IPS/2014/9438716 Plant cellular analogues in Malaysia Furn
31 Dr. Kamariah/Prof. Madya Dr. Norsidah Ujang GP-IPS/2014/9438715 Assessing economic value and the role of socialibikty on commercialization of urban streets
32 Dr. Mohd Yazid Mohd Yunos TRGS/5535102 Establishing an Islamic garden pronciples based on applying ideolagical principles in the Islamic faith, the malay muslim culture and Quranic paradise imagery to enhance gardens in Malaysia



















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