Life and Emotion (LiMo)

Research Group Leader: Prof Madya. Dr. Raja Ahmad Azmeer Raja Ahmad Effendi


Affective Product Design and Development is a design research group that consists of inter and similar discipline researchers that investigates the development of consumer products in achieving sustainable living. Besides focusing on the research relating to demand-pull and invention-push innovation, this research group will also focus on understanding consumer behavior towards a product that will lead to commercialization. The group bases research activity on scientific and traditional methods employed in design. This covers areas such as product perception, product localization, New Product Development (NPD), ergonomics and new material development.

Keywords: affective product design; consumer behavior; innovation; commercialization


Group Members:


Dr. Ahmad Rizal Abd Rahman

Dr. Hassan Alli

Dr. Ruhaizin Sulaiman

Dr. Saiful Hasley Ramli

Dr Sharizal Dolah

Dr Siti Mastura Bt Md Ishak

En Nik Aizan Nik Abdullah

En Azrol Kassim





Research Group Leader : Dr. Zulkifli Muslim


The advancement of creative knowledge transforms our perception of visual identity. Further exploration of visual expressions and sound research processes using integrated media can lead to the development of functional and aesthetic visual images. In line with the sustainable agenda, innovative design and media inspired by nature has great potential for experimentation that can form the design concepts and creative ideas. The experimentation of forms and functions of natural materials define the ecological thinking in design expressed in the creative process. The application of electronic and digital technology supports ICT and the growth of creative systems in the design field. Integration of media in the creative process supports innovative and versatile products design. To explore the potential of nature as a source of reference for design aesthetic and function. This relates to Science field and Eco-design that can be manipulated into Graphic Design application and skills explorations, experimental, mixed media and particular design disciplines. Media application through electronic media such as ICT computer, multimedia, photography, video, digital, 3D model and others e.g. 2 and 3-dimensional would be useful in producing good graphic design with high aesthetic value and functionality.


Group members.

Ronaldi Saleh Umar.

Mohamizzam Mohammad

Sazrinee Zainal Abidin

Shahrul Azman Shahbudin




Innovation and Sustainable Industrial Design (INSIDE)

Research Group Leader: Prof Dr Khairul Aidil Azlin B Abd Rahman 



The research group are from different disciplines that focus upon the design and technological issues related to the development of the industrial design. The research focus of this group is to explore and speculate upon current interpretations of sustainability in industrial design in the broadest sense - from the micro and macro level of design, culture, lifestyle trend, marketing, ergonomic, materials, manufacturing and technology. This research group  interested in looking at not only how the notion of sustainable industrial design is conceptualized, interpreted and implemented at varying scales, but also pushing to the frontiers of knowledge toward new directions and dimensions. These new dimensions should challenge us to be conscious of resource use, ecological balance and minimizing environmental impacts in professional design work and technological applications. Research and design project will become the vehicle to articulate and evaluate either totally new ideas or agendas for a sustainable future, or to revisit familiar problems but with a new vision and understanding of the environmental potential.


Group members:

Assoc Prof Dr Nazlina Shaari

Hj Azali Rahim

Indastri Saidon

Khairul Manami Kamaruddin

Dr Mohd Yazid Mohd Yunos

Ar Mohd Azli Mohammad Jamil

Dr Rodziah Atan

Dr Mohammad Razif b Mahadi


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