T.I.K.A.R. (Transformation, Innovation, Conservation And Appreciation Of Design) | FACULTY OF DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE
T.I.K.A.R. (Transformation, Innovation, Conservation and Appreciation of Design)

Efforts to revitalize the heritage of woven pine wilt, project T.I.K.A.R. (Transformation, Innovation, Conservation and appreciation of Design) is a joint project of the community of Kampung Bentan and designers from Department of Industrial Design, led by Prof. UPM Dr. Khairul Aidil Azlin of the Faculty of Design and Architecture. T.I.K.A.R. showcasing modern furniture design and interior decoration accessories which apply material pine. T.I.K.A.R. exhibition also the approach to the promotion of local creative in the design of a more modern and contemporary.

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